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The Power To Change Is Within Us, Thanks Be To God

Many times in my life I’ve thought to myself, “I am who I am.  I’m too old and it’s just too hard to change.”  It’s easy to think that way.  Easy to excuse my behavior because of difficult people or circumstances.  In the past it was always comforting to blame
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It’s Not Easy To Ask For Help

One of my favorite parts of the God’s Men of Influence podcast is when guests answer the question “What is your biggest weakness as a Christian?”  I sit quietly and yet I’m on the edge of my seat intently waiting for what they might say, because it is in this
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There’s No Shame In Hitting Rock-bottom

I’ve had a lot of friends hit rock-bottom over the years.  In fact, I’ve hit rock-bottom financially a number of times and I absolutely know how it feels.  For a time, you feel worthless like you’ve let everyone down.  You also feel hopeless because you think you’ll never be able
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