Category : Substance Abuse

#44 Molested at 7, Drug Dealer at 13, Ex-con Pastor since 2001 Part 1 – Pastor Pete Cropsey

Pastor Pete Cropsey had a brutal past.  From a violent molestation in Mexico at age 7, to his journey through heroin smuggling, burglary, prison, a motorcycle club and then accepting Jesus at Calvary Church where he became a Pastor.  This is an incredible and inspiring three part story of redemption. “For

#43 Prison Miracles, A Pastor’s Testimony – Pastor Ric Perez

Growing up Catholic, Pastor Ric wasn’t allowed to talk about his ideas regarding faith.  He felt the calling, heard the voice and has been guided by Jesus Christ ever since.  Pastor Ric has seen the power of prayer and faith work miracles throughout his work in prisons and hospice care

#41 Crystal Meth, Blackouts, Hospitals and a Young Man’s Struggle – Connor Stephenson

A young man addicted to Crystal Meth and Bath Salts is dealing up to 500 pills of ecstasy at a time and doesn’t know how to break away.  A very bloody blackout and hospital visit finally turns his attention to God.  Listen to Connor Stephenson’s testimony from his really dark