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#89 When Your Wife Stops Believing In Jesus – Ryan Tirona

Ryan is a Pastor and is married with three kids, but this is a very different marriage than his first one.  In  2003 as a young pastor his wife of only 4 months said she didn’t want to follow Jesus anymore.  The spiritual rift kept pulled them apart and was

#88 Addiction and Finding God in Prison – Brian Johnson

Brian Johnson is a very different man today than he once was.  Brian suffers from a mental disorder and addictive personality which pulled him away from Jesus during the darkest times in his life.  It wasn’t until his last prison sentence that he finally understood why he was making such

#86 The Mystery Behind Finding His Biological Parents – Paul Aubin Part 2

God has a purpose for your life regardless of whether you’re adopted or not.  Paul Aubin is a Chair person for a faith-based organization named Convene focused on CEO’s building Christian based businesses and comes on to tell the remarkable story and mystery behind his adoption.“His master replied, ‘Well done,

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