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The Detriment of Mental Instability


There’s no doubt that mental instability can be a pathway to many more complicated issues than the standard struggles we face each day. A recent guest has provided us some deeper insight into what these problems can do to us, as well as what can create and/or perpetuate them.

Danny (Danny’s testimony) has been through what most of us would describe as “hell and back.” Though raised in a loving family, at a young age he found himself abusing drugs and eventually being kicked out of school for selling them. Through many bouts with his addiction and his inability to consistently keep himself out of harm’s way, he eventually was able to find the Lord and beat his internal battle.mental-illness-728x400

People that are emotionally unhealthy tend to lack control of many aspects of their lives, including addiction. Mental and emotional health makes up for the majority of man’s psychological well-being. Many individuals struggling to control their mental health tend to deal with depression, may be bipolar and may even have suicidal tenancies. Through God’s Men of Influence, we’ve met and become friends with a number of individuals who have fought through these issues and were able to persevere with the help of God.

Pastor Rick Warren of Saddleback Church has detailed his struggle and his family’s loss of his son, Matthew, who suffered from mental illness and eventually took his own life. He has created a ministry assisting and supporting people with mental health issues. If you or anyone you know is suffering from symptoms related to emotional or mental health, we recommend you visit Saddleback’s Mental Health Ministry

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