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#73 Fatherhood – Pastor Harry Robinson

What does it take to be a God’s Man of Influence?  Today Pastor Counselor Harry Robinson talks about one aspect which is what it takes to be a good father.  First advice, read “How To Raise A Modern Day Knight.” Father’s have a massive influence on their kids.  “Raising A Modern

#70 Allowing God To Cure Cancer – Byron Hack

Spending time with Jesus every day will change your life and no one knows that better than Byron Hack.  Byron had strayed from his faith until he was diagnosed with testicular cancer at age 25.  After being angry with God, he heard the voice to surrender and watched a miracle

#69 Recovering A Marriage From Pornography Addiction and Infidelity – James & Teri Craft

James Craft used pornography to cope with his childhood pain.  He and Teri married young and became very visible Christian Pastors.  James’ pornography addiction led him to an affair and Teri to a very difficult decision.  In this episode Teri talks about how her journey with God helped her decide

#61 WOW – Drunk, Abusive, Angry, Adulterer becomes a Christian Counselor – Terry LaDow

Terry LaDow was a person who admittedly behaved horribly as a younger man.   He was an angry drunk who was both physically and emotionally abusive to his girlfriends and then first wife.  Although this behavior was learned at a young age through growing up in a violent and loveless home,