God’s Men of Influence Podcast

God’s Men of Influence, host Dino Katsiametis interviews Christian men that are leaders in their community. They discuss the different ways that they can improve the lives of the people in their community. The mission is to facilitate an environment where men can help each other be the best version of themselves and mentor each other through the task of creating a world that God wishes for us. One that is peaceful…one that is prosperous…and one that is so filled with unconditional hope and love that we can’t help, but wake up everyday feeling joyous. Men who are empowered to be leaders can have an incredible impact on the women, children and families that surround them. This is the dream of the host Dino Katsiametis as well as the many people who support and contribute every week to the continuing education we receive at God’s Men of Influence.

#67 Stepping Towards God With Faith-Based Sports Radio – Bryce Johnson

How powerful would it be to get to the end of yourself and use your gifts only for God’s purpose?  Bryce Johnson is on a journey to let go of himself and only work through God with his Faith-Based sports radio show “Unpackin It Ministries”.  This is his testimony.“ And
Show Notes

#66 Christians Battling Human Trafficking with Finding Freedom International – Terry LaDow & Tera Schatsky

Human Trafficking is a terrifying plague fueled by a very dark evil.  Finding Freedom International is a Christian organization that is fighting back by going directly to the darkest shadows and bolstering the safe houses and caregivers that are taking care of the young victims who are sometimes no older

#65 Special Forces Hero Becomes A Christian – Larry Broughton

God is a firm, but loving parent says special forces hero Larry Broughton.  This is a guiding principle for Larry as he leads his very successful Real Estate business.  Things were not always so clear for Larry.  In this episode, he talks about how he overcame sexual trauma and molestation

#64 Near Death Experience and Abusive Childhood Created A Strong Man of Christ – Joel Bogges

Suffering from a near death experience and being a child victim of drug addicted abusive behavior formed Joel Bogges belief structure.  After a moment of fear and inspiration, he revisited his faith and became a true follower of Christ. Now as a podcaster with his own show called “Relaunch” Joel

#63 Tragic Accident and Death Changes A Christian Man’s Life – Aaron Walker

Life changes when tragedy happens.  Aaron Walker was living a successful life when in 2001 he struck a pedestrian with his car killing him.  There were many lessons that Aaron keeps close to him from this event, most important is that he never forgets that his life could end at

#62 Molested, Pornstar, Drug Addict: When Lost Men Come Home – David Zailer

When a boy is molested at 8 years old and discovers pornography a few weeks later, he is at a high risk for living a dysfunctional and sinful life. David Zailer was a victim of molestation which led him to drug addiction and eventually performing in pornography films.  This is

#61 WOW – Drunk, Abusive, Angry, Adulterer becomes a Christian Counselor – Terry LaDow

Terry LaDow was a person who admittedly behaved horribly as a younger man.   He was an angry drunk who was both physically and emotionally abusive to his girlfriends and then first wife.  Although this behavior was learned at a young age through growing up in a violent and loveless home,