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#36 Asking Jesus Into Your Life – Robert Trommler

Sometimes the most difficult thing to do is to ask Jesus into our lives.  As human beings we tell ourselves all sorts of things like, “I don’t need Jesus” or “There’s nothing he can do that I can’t do myself”.  Do you recognize the trainwreck that’s coming?  In this episode
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#34 NFL Athlete brings faith/sports to kids – Mark Boyer

Mark is an ex NFL football player for the Indianapolis Colts and the NY Jets and a Christian.  Through his struggle and search for his identity after his career ended Mark realized that being an inspirational coach was his future.  17 years ago he founded the first California Camp of
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#33 Adultery, Divorce, Abandonment & Saved – Stephen Young

Stephen Young has had a hard road in his relationship with his family and with God.  His addiction to pornography as a younger man lead to an unhealthy relationship with his first wife, adultery and an abandonment of his kids.  By repairing his relationship with God Stephen was able to

#32 Faith, Family, Friends and the Rest is Extra – Matt Hanson

Matt Hanson is married with 3 children and has a deep desire to use the skills that the Lord has given him to lead and influence people.  Although he’s known struggle, in this episode he talks about gratitude and allowing faith to influence every moment of your day. “As each one