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#117 Pursued By The Lord: Faith, Humility and Surrender Brings Peace – Justin McIntee

When you believe you can are in control and can walk without the Lord is when you fall.  Faith requires true humility and surrender to God.  In this episode Dino and guest Associate Vice President of development and campaign management of Vanguard University, Justin McIntee, discuss being the son of

#115 Anger Turns to Surrender: One Man’s Journey To Major League Baseball – Tim Fortugno

Before his was a major league baseball pitcher, Tim Fortugno was the angry son of a single mom and then an abusive stepfather.  He struggled with poor choices like stealing, drugs and alcohol abuse that led him to trouble with the law and a juvenile home.  Tim had thoughts of

#67 Stepping Towards God With Faith-Based Sports Radio – Bryce Johnson

How powerful would it be to get to the end of yourself and use your gifts only for God’s purpose?  Bryce Johnson is on a journey to let go of himself and only work through God with his Faith-Based sports radio show “Unpackin It Ministries”.  This is his testimony.“ And
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#34 NFL Athlete brings faith/sports to kids – Mark Boyer

Mark is an ex NFL football player for the Indianapolis Colts and the NY Jets and a Christian.  Through his struggle and search for his identity after his career ended Mark realized that being an inspirational coach was his future.  17 years ago he founded the first California Camp of
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