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#117 Pursued By The Lord: Faith, Humility and Surrender Brings Peace – Justin McIntee

When you believe you can are in control and can walk without the Lord is when you fall.  Faith requires true humility and surrender to God.  In this episode Dino and guest Associate Vice President of development and campaign management of Vanguard University, Justin McIntee, discuss being the son of a drug dealer and the power of humility as well as:

1. Battling Selfish Thoughts.

2. Fully Surrendering to the Lord.

3. Praying for Others to Find Faith.

4. Being the Son of the Largest Drug Dealer in Orange County.

5. Falling Into Drugs and Alcohol.

6. The Nature of Addiction and How to Walk Away.

7. Hiding From the Lord in Shame.

Recommended Book:


A Purpose Driven Life – Rick Warren

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“Humble Yourself Before The Lord and He Will Lift You Up” – James 4:10

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