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#115 Anger Turns to Surrender: One Man’s Journey To Major League Baseball – Tim Fortugno

Before his was a major league baseball pitcher, Tim Fortugno was the angry son of a single mom and then an abusive stepfather.  He struggled with poor choices like stealing, drugs and alcohol abuse that led him to trouble with the law and a juvenile home.  Tim had thoughts of suicide and murderous rage for his stepfather, but God protected him.  Tim was rejected when at 16 his mom told the court that she no longer wanted him at home.  

Tim was put into a Christian foster home and at 17 he gave his life to the Lord.  At 21 he came to California, met his wife and was brought back to his love of baseball.   Tim was pitching and no longer checked in with the Lord.  He hurt his arm and entered a very dark time, until he came back to God.Tim Fortugno

After years in the minors, Tim found himself pitching for the Angels in Anaheim as a 30 year old rookie.  Now Tim works as a scout for major league teams.

This is Tim Fortugno’s Testimony…

Tim’s Recommended Book


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