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#67 Stepping Towards God With Faith-Based Sports Radio – Bryce Johnson

    1. How powerful would it be to get to the end of yourself and use your gifts only for God’s purpose?  Bryce Johnson is on a journey to let go of himself and only work through God with his Faith-Based sports radio show “Unpackin It Ministries”.  This is his testimony.“ And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28
      1. Bryce lives in Charlotte N. Carolina and leads a ministry called “Unpackin’ it Ministries”  for faith based sports fans.  Each week they look at sports stories through a biblical lens.  They continually talk to sports figures about their faith.
      2. Find the show and ministry at
      3. Biggest Weakness – Bryce gets distracted by his own pursuits from what God wants.  He chases things on the peripheral of what God wants from him.
      4. Biggest Strength – His belief in a very powerful God.  Bryce steps out in faith in a big way.
      5. Dark Time – After college when he started his radio show professionally things moved quickly.  Everything seemed great, but an emptiness crept in and ultimately Bryce walked away from the job that he thought he always wanted.  He had a lot of pride thinking that he could do better, but he had nothing.  He was living at home with no girlfriend and friends leaving and Bryce was lost.  God told him he needed to incorporate his faith into his radio talent.
      6. Bryce had too much pride and selfishness thinking he needed to accomplish his goal and God would give it to him.
      7. With the help of other good men he began to become accountable when he strayed from God’s purpose for him.
      8. An opportunity to work for “Sports Spectrum” a faith- based sports magazine came to Bryce.  In the beginning he was humbled by what he was asked to do.  Eventually he was able to start a podcast with them.
      9. Left the magazine to send his show to a station in Boston and realized he could syndicate.  “Unpackin It Ministries” was born.
      10. Recommended Book – “The Promise: God Works All Things Together For Your Good” by Robert J. Morgan
      11. Advice – Ask friends and family to help you let go of selfish desires so that God can be the focus.  Get to the end of yourself.
      12. God’s Man of Influence – Discern what other people need and be that for them.



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