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#68 Homeless and Alcoholic To A Cherished Life – Derek Boyd

    1. Alcoholism and violence put Derek Boyd in jail, but you would not recognize who Derek says he was if you met him today.  This is surely God at work.  Listen to Derek’s struggle and testimony and hear the power of our Lord’s work in this inspiring episode.“In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.” – James 2:17
      1. Biggest Weakness & Strength – Not helping enough people, but his mission is to help others.
      2. Dark Time – Derek grew up in a broken home with a lot of fighting and police.  When his mom passed away at 9 years old his father left and he was raised by his grandmother.  He didn’t understand why his mom was taken and he resented God.
      3. Derek became an alcoholic and stopped going to work and burned many bridges.  Soon he was alone and homeless on the street.
      4. Derek’s bottom kept getting deeper for 16 years.  He had no relationship with his family and hadn’t talked to his daughter for a year.
      5. Originally, Derek believed alcohol was a solution to his pain, but in his early 20’s he realized it had become a problem.
      6. If you think you’re an alcoholic, ask yourself honest questions.  Can you stop once you start or is it interfering with your life.  To recover, you must accept that you have a problem.
      7. Derek got into a fight in his home while he was drunk and was grabbed by a cop whom he reflexively elbowed.  He ended up in jail for about a month and a half.
      8. Jail was terrifying for many reasons.  At any moment you could be put in a position where the choice is end your life or remain in jail for life.
      9. He began asking God for help, but he knew it was out of crisis.  Derek started by telling himself he wouldn’t drink, but an alcoholic convinces himself that he could handle it.
      10. The solution to recovery had nothing to do with drinking.  He was spiritually sick and needed to trust with God, then clean house and finally help others.
      11. Derek now has a thrilling career where he can help people.  The relationship that were broken have been amazingly repaired.  Derek is engaged to the love of his life and is able to people through recovery.
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One Response to “#68 Homeless and Alcoholic To A Cherished Life – Derek Boyd”

By Dino Katsiametis - 1 October 2015 Reply

Derek is one of my favorite people not because he has overcome adversity but because he doesn’t let it define who he is today.
God bless Derek.

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