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#33 Adultery, Divorce, Abandonment & Saved – Stephen Young

Stephen Young has had a hard road in his relationship with his family and with God.  His addiction to pornography as a younger man lead to an unhealthy relationship with his first wife, adultery and an abandonment of his kids.  By repairing his relationship with God Stephen was able to repair his relationship with his children.  This is his journey.

Therefore, there is now no condemnation for those who are in Christ Jesus” – Romans 8:1

  1. Biggest Weakness –   Stephen exposed hat he has a pornography and sexual deviancy addiction.  For a long time he did not have respect for women or understanding.  Satan has very powerful tools and this one is wicked.  The problem began in 4th and 5th grade.

  2. Biggest Strength – Stephens willingness to talk about life and Christ.

  3. Dark time – His darkest time when when he divorced his first wife and left his kids.  Stephen pictured his kids as being hung on a cross.  His thought was that it would be easier for his kids if he stayed away, but later came to realize that he was being selfish.

  4. You must admit you’re a liar and cheat before you move on.  Stephen stopped believing the Lord loved him or that he could continue in the marriage.

  5. Aha moment – When Stephen left the marriage he believed that God would never love him again, but his children had given him a bible and after seeing it in his stepdaughter’s room he heard God’s voice saying “I still Love you.”  He immediately went to his wife Karen and said he wanted Christ in their lives.

  6. Person of Inspiration – Pastor Steve inspired Stephen and Karen though his preaching to decide to be baptized.  Karen said, “we must surrender rather than try.”  The breath of God is in us.

  7. Now Stephen can feel the Holy Spirit guide him.  “When you lose everything, the Lord still provides and at that point you really understand it.”

  8. Advice – Become open and get rid of your secrets first.  Tell the ones you love of your struggles and sins.  Do not listen to your emotions, rather turn toward Jesus for answers.

  9. God’s Men of Influence – Be willing to surrender and allow God to use you.

  10. Stephen’s Church – Calvary Church in Lake Arrowhead.

  11. Baptized November 11

  12. Best advice given – Stay married.  With God he could’ve done it, but he didn’t.

  13. Recommended Book – “The Calvary Road” by Roy Hession

  14. Recommended Charity – “Pregnancy Resource Center”

Contact – , 760-445-2992

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One Response to “#33 Adultery, Divorce, Abandonment & Saved – Stephen Young”

By Bryan - 30 June 2016 Reply

I don’t have a any addictions or urges to look at pornography. I am divorced as of August 2016. Our daughters are in there mid twenties so they are well on there own life journey. I’m still hurting from the divorce and find comfort in listening to your interviews. This show was very impactful to my situation. Trying to heal from divorce is incredibly difficult. I’ve given my life to God and pray for direction. Thank you for sharing this testimonial.

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