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#102 Is Your Past Preventing You from Living in the Present? – Dr. James Reeves

          1. Dr. James Reeves was a child of neglect and abandonment. Born into a home with no parental supervision, he was able to come and go at will. If he didn’t want to go to school one day, no one would be there to stop him. He is the son of a drunk wanderer and over-worked mother, who were both unable to give him their love and attention. As a young man he found himself getting into drugs, alcohol and sex before going off to college where upon his return, his father soon passed away at the age of 41.It wasn’t until his mid thirties, after he’d earned his doctorate degree and become a pastor that he had realized that he was harboring resentful feelings towards his father. These hateful emotions were the roadblocks keeping him from being truly at peace with life, and finding the ability to trust in Jesus and forgive his father. It is only fitting that a 12-step graduate and new member of his church was able to guide him through a process with deep biblical roots that would finally allow him to let go.Dr. Reeves is the founder of City on a Hill, a ministry which he refers to as a “hospital” because of their extraordinary belief in healing the heart, as well as the head and the hands. 

            Romans 12:2 – “ Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewal of your mind”          Contact information:

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