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#109 Former Addict Becomes Professional Healer – Pastor Jack West

                  1. “Confrontation of our own depravity teaches us compassion.”These are wise words spoken by our latest guest, Pastor Jack West. Jack specializes in Care and Recovery at the well-known Mariners Church in southern California. Jack is able to connect and help people struggling to overcome many forms of addiction.Having personally dealt with drug abuse and alcohol addiction, Jack utilizes not only his past experiences, but reaches people by demonstrating the power of the Lord’s will to love and heal us.

                    Jack makes it a point to reference, “If you never get better, God still loves you,” and those words are as comforting as any. Listen to Jack’s story of how his faith in God brought him to a life of healing and helping people who struggle with many physical and psychological issues.


                    “Jesus wept” – John 11:35


                    Recommended Book:

                    In the Grip of Grace – Max Lucado


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