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#125 Christ Saves A Father When His Son Goes To Prison – Jamie Looney

When Jamie Looney left the military, his life took an ugly turn toward drugs, alcohol and infidelity.  He and his wife Crystal, obsessed with partying, became less involved with their children.  Jamie’s oldest son Sebastian began using drugs. Although Jamie and his wife eventually found Christ, it was too late to change the path Sebastian was on, until on Christmas Eve he was arrested for a serious crime.  This is Jamie’s testimony. In this episode, Jamie and Dino discuss:

  1. Growing up on the Yakama Indian reservation where drugs and alcohol were prevalent.
  2. Deploying as a Marine and the effect on his family.
  3. Leaving the military.
  4. Drugs, Alcohol and Infidelity in his marriage.
  5. Finding Christ through influential Christian men.
  6. His son’s spiral into drugs and crime.
  7. Driving from Minnesota across the country on Christmas Eve to be at his son’s arraignment.
  8. Surrendering to Christ when his son is sentenced to 17 years.

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