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#131 Living as if I was God – Glenn Langohr

In a jail cell in 2002 Glenn felt God urging him to start writing books. With 7 years of a prison sentence for drug trafficking left he obeyed. Filled with the power of the Holy Spirit, Glenn wrote for a year and then questioned if it was God who was urging him to write. Within a week a random letter arrived from Hope for Today Ministries in Tustin, Californiathat was addressed to an inmate who went home over a year prior. Inside the letter was a little note that said, “Here is what you asked for on how to write books.”

Over 17 years later, God has used Glenn to publish over 77 books. The first 10 books shined a light on the drug war and prison conditions that he spoke about on TV and in radio interviews. Then he started writing prayer books and became confused on how people would judge him, especially within the church. He began to realize that God’s Plan of Redemption is to be bold to explain what God delivered him from. He now writes about the prophecies of God that point to Jesus Christ and feels compelled to preach the Gospel.

In this episode Glenn discusses how he left his life as a drug dealer on the streets and later sell meth surrounded by Mexican cartel to finally find his way to the Word of God. The Enemy had him locked in fear, but Glenn found his way to Christ. Glenn’s journey is fascinating and the conversation is inspiring . Be blessed and be welcome at God’s Men of Influence.

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By Glenn Langohr - 25 June 2019 Reply

Thank for the interview brother. Testimony for God is so important!

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