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#2 Derek Graham, from drug addict to fitness & nutrition addict helping thousands of people change their lives.

  • Owner and co-founder of The 12 and nutrition, fitness and supplements business
  • Married 10 years and has one daughter
  • Was adopted
  • recovered drug addict
  • Woke up in the hospital from a drug overdose with all his family and friends next to him
  • Woke up in hospital for a second time from drug overdose with nobody left to care for him
  • Lost his job
  • Lost his real friends
  • Quit cold turkey and replaced his drug addiction with fitness and has now helped thousands of people change their lives.
  • One of the nicest honest and sincerest guys you will ever meet.
  • If you want to get in touch with Derek Graham –

Recommended Book:  The Purpose Driven Life

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