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#6 John Parodi – A dirt poor drug addict with $17.70 left to his name to now running a very successful company only made possible through Christ.

“I am the voice of one calling in the wilderness, ‘Make straight the way for the Lord.” John 1:23

John Parodi was a very successful man with all the money he ever needed.  He was a self-admitted selfish and guarded person who was about money and women and knew nothing of the Lord.  His life changed when traveling through Indonesiaand 400 people were killed in a C4 explosion at a nightclub where he and his friend were partying.  His best frien was killed and that prompted a search for something more.

He traveled to Thailand where for a time he became a budhist, but when getting back to the states, his search turned to perscription drugs.  After the stock market crash, John’s addiction got worse.  He totaled his car in 2010 went to a meeting and met Big Mike, who changed his life.

John got sober for 2 years, but in 2012 when he lost his job he started drinking again. Why? Because it was easier than turning to God.  When his bank account dwindled to $17.70 it was sink or swim time.  He came back to God and things began to get better.

Listen to this fascinating and moving story of struggle.  Hear how John overcame his pain and started his own company called “Get Mugshot”

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