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#8 Jeff Motske CEO of Trilogy Financial, Leads with his Faith

“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding” Proverbs 3:5 

Jeff Motske is the President and CEO of Trilogy Financial Services, a national financial services firm based out of Orange County, California.

Jeff is very much an apple pie type of a guy.  Came from a good family, played sports and went to a good college.  However, the misconception is that everything comes easy for people like this.  The truth is that nothing comes easy without hard work and faith.  Listen to Jeffs story and realize that his success comes from his belief in God and his faith that he will be taken care of.  I believe God has placed him in a position of power because he models the life that He wants us to all have.

He is up by 4 AM every day to pray and read the good word.  If this doesn’t start the day off the rigth way I don’t know what will.  He then leads his company and employees by example always doing the right thing and always putting God before his own needs.

Show Questions:

  • Who was the most influential person in your life?  “my parents and my football coach.”  This proves that as a parent or even a coach we MUST not take the roll lightly and always realize that our every word has significant impact.
  • Your favorite charity? “My church and wounded warriors.  As you will hear in the interview Jeff is very passionate about our military and does his best to support them.
  • What Church do you attend?  First Christian Church

Recommended book: Unbroken

Dino’s Note:

Jeff is a solid guy that puts God and family first.  He carries around his kids sports schedule and takes his wife out on a date every Wednesday.  Runs one of the largest independently owned financial planning companies in the nation and yet makes time for his family and friends.  He is obviously a very intelligent guy but yet he is very humble and simple at the same time.

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