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#80 Fear, Insecurity, Anxiety and the Healing Message of the Bible – Mark Giraud

          1. What happens when you grow up lacking affection from your parents?  Insecurity, fear of transitions and anxiety ruled Mark Giraud until he read his bible and began to heal.“Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight” – Proverbs 3, 5 & 6
            1. Mark is a wealth consultant for Vantaquest.  At Vantaquest, they encourage clients to find their calling not only financially but in life.
            2. Today Mark is grateful that God has brought him to a place where he can be obedient and happy in his relationship with the Lord and his family.  He’s very involved in Celebrate Recovery ministry.
            3. Biggest Weakness – A drive to perform that became a false Idol and an effort to control.
            4. Biggest Strength – Commitment to Christ and be faithful.
            5. Dark Time – Grew up in New Orleans and was missing a lack of emotional connection with his parents.  Normal transitions were difficult for Mark, because life felt scary.  Mark struggled with low self-esteem and anxiety.  He was socially awkward and when his parents divorced it made things worse.   The lie was that he had something to prove and led to a performance focus that left him empty.
            6. His life looked OK when he was first married, but he was dying inside.
            7. At 25 he became a Christian when he missed church on Christmas Day and went back to reading the bible.
            8. God showed Mark a book “How People Can Change” by  and this taught him about community.  Mark found a counselor who said he was not loving his wife well by not confronting her problems. His wife wasn’t interested in transforming their marriage.
            9. Mark had to change the pattern of avoiding conflict and he couldn’t do it without community and God.
            10. In every addicts life, there’s always an enabler helping them to continue their behavior.  Mark became very intentional about getting better.  He had to acknowledge the things from the past and grieve for them with God.  Then he repented for carrying the lies with him about himself and take responsibility even though it was easy to feel like a victim.
            11. God’s Man of Influence – Be aware that the Holy Spirit lives within you.  Seek God’s will and be obedient to it.
            12. Recommended Book – “S.H.A.P.E” by Erik Rees
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