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#85 The Mystery Behind Finding His Biological Parents – Paul Aubin Part 1

      1. God has a purpose for your life regardless of whether you’re adopted or not.  Paul Aubin is a Chair person for a faith-based organization named Convene focused on CEO’s building Christian based businesses and comes on to tell the remarkable story and mystery behind his adoption.“His master replied, ‘Well done, good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many things. Come and share your master’s happiness!’ – Mathew 25:21
          1. Married to a Women’s Pastor who works with couples named Margaret.  Together they have 7 children.
          2. Biggest Weakness – Because of his adoption he seeks validation and acceptance through sports  and work.  Now he gets affirmation from God, but he still struggles.
          3. Biggest Strength – God has made it clear that he is to lead other men to be men of God.  To lead men from pride to humility.
          4. Dark Time – in 2000 things went bad for about 5 years.  When Paul lost his job, he lost his identity.  He went through financial issues, divorce, health problems and a loss of friendships.  The missing piece was a connection with Godly men.
          5. Soon after Paul was saved he met his wife Margaret who is a women’s pastor.  He desperately didn’t want to be less than in his faith.
          6. In 1991 he discovered that his cholesterol was very high.  His liver was creating too much and he needed to find his birth parents so that he could be properly treated.
          7. While at a business function he was given a sign from God in the form of an adoption seminar.  As it turned out there was a cover up to protect his birth father.
          8. Paul tracked down his mother and talked to her for 45 minutes on the phone.  He flew 3000 miles to meet his mom and she said she couldn’t.  He had no idea how many people could be hurt.
          9. The investigator helping Paul named Nancy, decided that there has been a cover up.  She had a thought and found a man who was a family friend, that looked exactly like him.  The man named Ted  was a Catholic Priest.
          10. He met with his family friend Father Ted for the first time and noticed the low cholesterol lunch.  Paul, addressed it with Father Ted and slowly the information came out that he’s found his birth mother.  Paul felt God’s hand on the meeting.
          11. When he got back to the hotel there was a message from Father Ted who wanted to spend more time with him.  They got together the next day and just spent time getting to know each other.  Paul drove away still not confirming.
          12. After Paul told his aunt Kris his suspicions, she went to her brother Father Ted and got him to eventually reach out to Paul and remove the mystery.
          13. Father Ted met with Paul again and gave him the whole story.  Father Ted told the bishop and was sent to Vietnam and became a chaplain war hero on the front lines.
          14. Paul later went to Harvard Business School and finally reached back out to his mom and met her for the first time.  He had a picture of his mom in his mind and when he met her she was completely different.  She was very attractive in a business suit and they sat down in a coffee shop at the hotel for 3 hours.  This was closure for Paul.
          15. “Secrets of the Father” – by Paul Aubin is his book about his story.  It took him 20 years to write.
          16. Advice for those who were adopted – Before you go on a search understand why you are doing it.  There are other lives at stake so tread lightly.  Pray about it as well and ask for guidance from the Holy Spirit.
          17. Paul used to think he was a mistake, but now knows that God does not bring children into the world by mistake.
          18. Recommended Book – “The Purpose Driven Life” – Rick Warren “The Critical Journey” – by Janet O. Hagberg, Robert A. Guelich


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