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#90 Pastor Grew Up With Abuse and Thoughts of Suicide – Eric Heard

Eric Heard came from a family full of drugs and hate.  As a 17 year old child he considered throwing himself in front of a truck.   He was an unwanted child who was a product of his parents infidelity.  His mom was an alcoholic who had been molested by her step-dad and tried to abort Eric 3 times. He never felt connected to his parents.   He began drinking in 3rd grade and the drugs came around the 6th grade and began selling marijuana in 7th grade.  The addiction was medicating pain and it kept escalating because the drugs only can cut the pain temporarily and then you feel the pain worse when you wake up.


When you look at his childhood it seems improbable that Eric would become a well respected Pastor, but that’s exactly what he did.  In this show Eric talks about the men in his life that helped him heal from his sexual deviance, his fear of scarcity and his belief that he wasn’t worthy of God’s love..  There is a ripple effect of sin and so you must uproot the sins in your life.  The vigilance of keeping up the calling of God and the belief that you are Chosen, Holy and Loved by God will give you the strength to be the man you want to be.  This is Eric’s testimony.


Recommended Book – “Silence of Adam” by Dr. Larry Crabb

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