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#31 Men’s Pastor provides the map to Being A Godly Man – Kenny Luck Part 2

As a young boy Pastor Kenny Luck was ignored and therefore was always seeking attention and Love. He found unlimited Love and a feeling of self-worth when he fell to his knees and accepted Jesus.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” – Proverbs 5:8

  1. When you walk around unsure if you’re worthy of love you use people to create the sense that you are worthy.
  2. Gratitude and the knowledge that God loves you, frees you to be better with your relationships and to stop using people.
  3. Kenny reminds himself regularly that “I’m loved, I have limited time and I have a meeting scheduled with my maker.”
  4. Advice – What’s the object of your hope? Turn to God for hope and let him speak into your issues.
  5. God’s Men of Influence – to recognize that God’s made you , he loves you and you’re going back to God.
  6. Baptized at age 17
  7. Man ways actions, God ways intentions.
  8. A fully transformed Christian has a transformation personally as well as an external expression of faith and charity.
  9. Best Advice – Father-in-law said, “Consider context, all things are meaningless without context.”
  10. Kenny leads a men’s group, but has one that he attends as well.
  11. The closer Kenny is to God, the better his life becomes.
  12. Prayer is a moment by moment way to live.
  13. Tithing – a reminder that money is not #1 in Kenny’s life, but God is.
  14. Favorite Charity – Every man ministries, campus crusade for Christ, Relationship 180
  15. Pornography – Acts as a methamphetamine in the brain. Women are not what we see on the screen and therefore we don’t know how to relate with real women.

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