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#30 Men’s Pastor provides the map to Being A Godly Man – Kenny Luck Part 1

As a young boy Pastor Kenny Luck was ignored and therefore was always seeking attention and Love. He found unlimited Love and a feeling of self-worth when he fell to his knees and accepted Jesus.

“But God demonstrates his own love for us in this: While we were still sinners, Christ died for us” – Proverbs 5:8

  1. As men we are hard-wired to compete, but there are places where it makes sense to compete and places where it doesn’t like in relationships.
  2. Compete for better character and for better relationships with God and people. Compete to be someone better.
  3. Biggest Weakness – The ability to share personal testimony in more private settings. You don’t hide a light under a lamp and you shouldn’t hide Jesus from non-believers.
  4. Biggest Strength – Being teachable. Seek out those that are better in every aspect of life and learn from them.
  5. Dark Time – Kenny had many dark times. When he was young he was a military brat and his dad was an alcoholic. He was either gone from the family or drunk and his mom was forced to raise 7 children largely alone. Kenny felt ignored and questioned “am I worthy of Love?” He had many behavioral issues as a child and young man in an attempt to earn approval.
  6. At 17 after a party, Kenny felt completely alone, fell to his knees and asked “Jesus, if you’re real I want to see you.” A palpable presence entered his room and he could feel I love you, you’re OK…I’m God.
  7. Growing up church wasn’t a place of meaning it was obligation.
    While on the UCLA campus Kenny found the Campus Crusade for Christ and his mentor Matt Booker.

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