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#47 Life and Death “God is good, even when horrible things happen” – Mark Howerton


God is immensely greater than anything we can imagine or understand.  Mark Howerton became very in tune with the essence of his faith when working as a Pastor at Rock Harbor he was critically injured on the 55 when he was struck by a speeding car while trying to assist people who had had an accident on the highway.  The pain and recovery was such that his faith was shaken and Mark was forced to ask “Why would God allow bad things to happen to a good person?”

“Let your light shine before men that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in Heaven.” – Matthew 5:16

  1. Mark is a licensed marriage and family therapist.
  2. He and his wife of 19 years have 4 children.
  3. Adoption was a priority to Mark and Kristen and they started with their first son from LA.  Next they had a biological daughter.  After that they adopted 2 more children through an organization in Port Au Prince,  Haiti.
  4. Biggest Weakness – Mark says that he is selfish, rude, narcissistic and entitled and is lazy about controlling these tendencies.
  5. Biggest Strength – Mark has a Pastoral heart and is able to be compassionate and walk with people during their struggles.
  6. Dark Time – 10 years ago Mark was in a horrible car crash.  While driving with his wife and friends on the freeway an accident happened in front of him and when he got out to help was hit by a speeding car.  Mark was in shock and critically injured.  When they got him to the hospital he was not allowed to have pain medication or surgery for 10 hours because of his head injuries.  He meditated on his prayer, “Lord Jesus Christ show me your mercy” to get through the incredible pain.  Mark stayed in the hospital for a month and had 5 surgeries in total.  Amazingly, after months and months of rehab he is fully recovered.
  7. During that time Mark battled with depression, but was very grateful that his wife Kristen was always there with patience.  In hindsight, he wishes that he had expressed that gratitude more than he did.
  8. Mark was a pastor, but over the course of recovery his faith was wounded.  “Why would God allow bad things to happen to a good person?  What is the essence of my faith?”
  9. Mark had a very immature faith before the accident.  A + B does not always = C.  God is immeasurably greater than anything we can imagine.
  10. Mark’s wife Kristen Howerton’s Blog “Rage Against the Minivan” in which, she talks about getting through the accident among many other things.
  11. Support Structure for Mark was the community of pastors at Rock Harbor as well as a group of close friends.
  12. Recommended Books – “The Power of Pain” – CS Lewis

“The Post Evangelical” – David Thomas

  1. Best Advice – You are not alone.  People will be around to help even strangers.  Reach out and find those communities and have an earnest call to faith.
  2. God’s Men of Influence – Continue to let my light shine before man. ,

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