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# 48 Prison Is the Result of My Greed! – Reniero Francisco

Greed and lack of gratitude for God’s gifts landed Reniero Francisco in prison.  With his partner, Reniero started a hedge fund and lost all of his client’s money.  Fear and ego kept him from being upfront with those who invested and Reniero tried to cover it up with his own money.

“No one can serve two masters. Either you will hate the one and love the other, or you will be devoted to the one and despise the other. You cannot serve both God and money.” – Mathew 6:24

  1. Very judgemental.  Wants to put energy toward himself and become a better Christian.
  2. Greed is what put Reniero in jail.
  3. Biggest Weakness – Accepting God’s Will.
  4. Biggest Strength – Hope.  Believes that something good is coming out of a bad situation.
  5. Dark Time – Currently living in prison because of greed.  Reniero lost everything.
  6. Personal responsibility in jail is a major problem.  Without a schedule he would dwell on being in prison.
  7. Has worship practice 4 to 5 times a week and does bible study 3 times a week.
  8. He encourages other inmates to seek another way, but they don’t want it.  He continues to make himself available.
  9. Reniero has 4 more years and believes it’s in God’s hands if he gets out early.
  10. Reniero’s crime was covering up when his partner lost his client’s money in a hedge fund investment.
  11. Reniero was being greedy and selfish.  God had given him everything and he was not satisfied with what he was given.
  12. He is trying to live for God and purge his greed, but it is a struggle that’s worth fighting.  “How does God want to use me?” is what he continues to ask himself.
  13. Greed is always out there to take a hold of all of us.  He thought he was a good guy.
  14. The devil goes after those living in the Word and therefore Reniero wants to let go of desires.
  15. He struggles with the idea of going back to a humble life from luxury.
  16. “Please have what I want be in line with what you want me to do” is his prayer every night.
  17. Reniero’s family has never been closer, but is being tested constantly.
  18. Advice – Live today like it’s your last day.

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7 Responses to “# 48 Prison Is the Result of My Greed! – Reniero Francisco”

By Mark O - 27 July 2015 Reply

Reniero is a dear friend and I think of him often and pray that God continues to use j im powerfully in changing the way most of us think….that more is Better and worldly possessions are everything! We are so wrong if that’s what we are living for. Christ Jesus is all we need in this world!

By Donna - 17 November 2016 Reply

Mark I agree. I used to work for him, I know he didn’t mean wrong doing. That was not his character!

By Wendy - 18 August 2018 Reply

Knew Renerio from our food broker days, then invested with him, when he went into the brokerage biz. I trusted him, wholeheartedly. When he separated from his business partner, I chose to go with her for my investment purposes. I AM SO GLAD I DID..I feel very sorry for Cynthia and his children..a good man taken down the wrong path by greed.

By Stephanie - 2 February 2019 Reply

He ruined our life. My husband is disabled and I can never retire because of medical costs.

By david markun - 11 August 2019 Reply

Renerio is a good man who did a few bad things. He was misinformed about his plea and lied to by the government. I hope he is release soon and wish him and his family well.

By Friend - 23 December 2019 Reply

Has Renerio been released ?

By West covina - 6 October 2020 Reply

Did He get released

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