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It’s Not Easy To Ask For Help

One of my favorite parts of the God’s Men of Influence podcast is when guests answer the question “What is your biggest weakness as a Christian?”  I sit quietly and yet I’m on the edge of my seat intently waiting for what they might say, because it is in this moment that they begin to expose themselves to us.  I’m continually humbled by the courage that our guests display as they reveal things that they’re not happy with and yet are willing to recognize in themselves and share for our benefit.

Now, it seems to me that it’s unfair to ask this question and not be ready to answer it myself.  My biggest weaknesses as a Christian is pride and it’s caused me to sin and create a lot of pain for myself over the years.  So much so, that I’ve spent many hours, days, weeks, months and years hunched over my bible looking for inspiration about the true cause of my personal sense of pride and suffering.  It’s an ongoing pursuit, but I’ll share what I believe I’ve learned so far.

I was raised in a traditional Greek Orthodox family filled with ethics that can be described in this way.  A man works hard, takes care of his family and doesn’t ask for anything from anybody.  I know they sound like reasonably strong values, but in reality it’s the breeding ground of pride and vanity.  It teaches a man to only rely on himself and subtly alienates him from his friends, his family and worst of all God.  After all, if we can provide for ourselves than somewhere deep inside we must believe that we don’t need God.  How incredibly arrogant I was and sometimes still am.

God wants me to be free of my pride and suffering and to instead be able to depend on his love.  He has a plan for me, but too slowly I wake up to that fact.   I do believe that only by surrendering to our Lord can I find true happiness, but surrender sometimes happens in stages.  It was faith in the path that God set before me that led to the God’s Men of Influence podcast and ministry, but it is my pride that has kept me from asking for the help I need to allow it to grow.  I’ve again made the mistake of thinking I should  do it on my own, when really I have an incredible community of friends and believers that are willing to help me spread the Word to the millions of people around the world who need to hear it.  So after much prayer I make this request.  Please help me to grow the God’s Men of Influence ministry, I can no longer do it alone.  If you are willing my commitment to you is that your contribution no matter it’s size, will not go to waste.  Please visit our crowdfunding campaign and help donate by clicking here…


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