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#51 Surrender vs. Struggle, Host Dino Katsiametis Gives His Testimony

  1. Struggle was a big part of host Dino Katsiametis’ life until he surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Dino struggled through infidelity, divorce, financial ruin and a party lifestyle.  Through Christian teaching and men’s group Dino found stability and created the God’s Men of Influence ministry.  Prayer and scripture now lead his decisions  and his life improves as he surrenders to the Word.

    “As Iron sharpens Iron, so one man sharpens another” – Proverbs 27:17

    1. God’s Men of Influence ministry is based on Proverbs 27:17
    2. Dino believes men’s groups are crucial because there are things that men can only hear from other Christian men.  Talking to other men with Christian values is the best way to be held accountable.
    3. Biggest Weakness – Competitiveness and Pride.  The love of money get’s a hold of Dino and he struggles against this weakness.
    4. Biggest Strength – Dino’s desire to be more like Jesus drives him.
    5. Dark Time – During his first marriage when things got bad Dino cheated on his wife.  He became very selfish and yet was in denial.  Financially things crumbled, his marriage crumbled and he was blaming his circumstances.
    6. A-ha moment – Began going to Saddleback Church, but when he went to men’s group for the first time it was a turning point.
    7. Dino began reading the bible and would wake up at 4 in the morning and studied until 5:30.  He absorbed the scripture and refused to skip any part.  God’s Men of Influence Facebook page came out of this study
    8. God’s Men of Influence page became Dino’s accountability along with his men’s group.  He posted scriptures that were meaningful for him every day.
    9. Dino’s experience with Money Matters With Dino happened so that he could prepare for the God’s Men of Influence podcast.
    10. Surrender vs. Struggle.  Dino has surrendered the God’s Men of Influence ministry to God’s will and it has been effortless in comparison to his other projects.
    11. Prayer is the key to all his decisions.   Dino won’t act until he feels it’s time to act and therefore, it becomes easy.
    12. God’s Men of Influence – Be a man of action.  If you see a man in need and you walk by him, you’re not being a good Christian.
    13. Recommended Book – “Raising A Modern Day Knight” – Robert Lewis  click here to view…


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