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# 52 Five Tips For Practical Parenting – Mark Howerton

How do you discipline your child properly?  Well, first you start from day one.  If a child is not disciplined early, they begin to believe that their way is preferable and then they demand it.  This erodes empathy and creates narcissism.  If not kept in check, a narcissist heads their logical extreme and they become sociopathic.  In this episode, licensed therapist Mark Howerton explains his 5 tips for practical parenting.

  1. Discipline Math – A+B = C
  • A = Clarify Expectations
  • B = Take the opportunity to Warn them
  • C = The consequences if they don’t heed your warning
  1. The Parent’s State of Mind: CFCF – Calm, firm, consistent, follow through
  1. Choose Your Battles – There are many things we can and should ignore.  We must    remember that our children just want our attention, so lavish them with good attention or they will seek negative attention by acting out poorly.
  1. Say yes as much as possible, but when you say no mean it.
  1. Be a United Front – Be your spouse’s partner in the raising of your children.  Have     proactive standards that you adhere to.


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