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#57 Raised by a Single Mom, Became a Single Dad and Pastor’s People With Addiction – Pastor Randy Moraitis


Pastor Randy Moraitis is a devoted husband and father, the founder and President of Care Possible and a man of God, but it wasn’t always this way.  Randy was raised by a teenage single mother, who had troubled marriages and an addiction that eventually resulted in an overdose.  This is Pastor Randy’s testimony.

“Teach me to do your will,for you are my God; may your good Spirit lead me on level ground” – Psalm 143:10

  1. Care Possible – Donate to help people get the therapy they need who can’t afford it.
  2. Biggest Weakness – Randy judges people, but would prefer to look at them through Christ’s eyes.
  3. Biggest Strength – Faith, Family and Friends. Randy’s dad was not in his life and so he looked to God as his father.
  4. Dark Time – Randy’s mom was 15 when he was born and his parents divorced after 2 years.  His stepdad was an alcoholic which created a very dysfunctional home life.  Randy felt like a caregiver for both his mom and sister.  When his stepdad and mom divorced, they moved into a trailer outside of Detroit.
  5. Randy was baptized at age 14, it was the only time his mom went to church.
  6. Randy began partying a lot  and got into a fist fight with his mom’s boyfriend.   His faith had taken a back seat.
  7. After high school, Randy moved to California.  He married an alcoholic whom he divorced to raise 3 kids as a single dad.
  8. Randy’s mom overdosed and he went into depression and began abusing drugs.
  9. Randy had given up on romance until he met his wife Kim.  They went to church on their first date and she knew before Randy did that he would become a pastor.
  10. Randy sold his martial arts business and was ordained as a pastor at Calvary Church.
  11. When Randy realised that he could change his life by making better choices, he wanted to teach that to others.  God put people around him, who needed counseling as well as those who were counselors.
  12. You must let light into darkness for healing to happen.  People who have addiction issues typically have a dual diagnosis.  The substance abuse needs to be treated first and then you can address the emotional and psychological issues.
  13. Recommended Book: “Boundaries” by Henry Cloud, Dr. John Townsend‎
  14. Recommended Book: “Love Does” by By Bob Goff

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