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#58 Raised by a Single Mom After Father Was Shot to Death – Byron Davis

After his father was found tied to his own bed and shot to death, Byron Davis and his sister were left to be raised by their mom. Although she instilled faith in the Lord and the belief that he should never let anyone tell him how his story will end, Byron drifted into rationalizing his addiction to sex and committed adultery.  In this episode he discusses the fall of man and the way back to God.

“For all things work together for good to those who love God and are called to his purpose” – Romans 8:28

  1. The Epic Life Project – Empowers people to live the life God wants them to live.
  2. Biggest Weakness – When he gets passionate about a problem he tries to do too much and drops the ball.
  3. Biggest Strength – Approaches problems in a systematic way.  He helps people become their best.
  4. Dark Time – Raised by a single mom after his father was found shot to death.  His mom told him to never let anyone tell you how your story will end.  Byron became a champion swimmer and went to school on a scholarship.  When Byron went off to college he drifted from his faith and made some bad choices.  His weakness was sex and he developed a pattern of using sex to validate himself.  After he was married he continued to be addicted to sex.  When his wife got pregnant, he feared that he was a fraud and had passed a sexual disease to his child.  This led Byron to confess his sins to his wife.
  5. Experiencing the love of his wife who stayed with him after his adultery and the love of God restoring his marriage and faith made Byron want to grow up and become a better man.
  6. Byron asks himself “What does integrity look like after you fail?”
  7. The women in his life have a powerful affect on how he grows as a man.
  8. Adultery is a symptom of the fall of man and the root stems from entitlement.  We must take up our cross on a daily basis.
  9. Men in our culture can only express laughter and anger.  Women are much more in tune with expressing emotions.  The reality is we’re all emotional, but men compartmentalize and emotionally justify our sins.
  10. Advice – 1. Start being the Church.  Don’t compartmentalize our relationship with God. 2. Start meditating on and absorbing the Word of God.  3. Practice 360 accountability.  Be vulnerable so that you can be called out when you move away from the Lord.
  11. We need a mentor, a cheerleader, a constructive critic, and men we can be accountable to and mentor.
  12. Recommended Book – “Integrity, the Character To Meet the Demands of Reality” by Henry Cloud & “In Search of Wholeness the Pursuit of Spiritual Integrity” by Martin Samuel Cohen

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