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#59 Pornography Leads Pastor To Adultery – James Craft Part 1

Even the best Pastors can get caught up in sin, but God forgives.  James Craft was addicted to pornography that led him down the dark path of adultery and the loss of his ministry.  In this episode learn how James and his wife overcame the dark addiction and James’ poor choices and found God’s path to recovery..

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, the new creation has come The old has gone, the new is here!” – 2 Corinthians 5:17

  1. James is a husband of 23 years, father of 3 girls and a son of God.
  2. Biggest Weakness – Fear is the root of all his challenges and it pushes God away.
  3. Biggest Strength – Faith that he has been able to develop throughout the years.  He has learned to be a conduit for God’s wishes.
  4. Dark Time – Grew up in a Christian home with lots of dysfunction.  Everything had to look perfect to the outside world.  Image was everything and it taught James to keep a facade up.  He learned to isolate and medicate when things went badly in a very unhealthy way.  James’ drug of choice was pornography to cope with the difficult times.  He kept going through guilt and shame, but he never confessed his sins to anyone from the outside.  It would recur as a pattern.
  5. James went to Pastor in a large church in Hawaii and had this very dark part of himself.  He was a liar in this one area.  James had an affair and was exposed at church.  Next he was exposed for watching porniography.  The church could not allow him to Pastor any longer.
  6. When his wife found out she heard God’s voice tell her “Terry please go walk with my beloved”.
  7. People who watch pornography are 300% more likely to have an affair.  It gives men an unrealistic view of women.
  8. During that dark time James considered suicide.  He even thought how he could do it and still allow his family to be taken care of.
  9. Church and friends were ripped away from James and his wife.  Terry didn’t know the outcome, but whatever God has planned is what will happen.
  10. If men engage in watching porniography they usher something into their marraiges and families that was not intended by God.
  11. James and his wife created the to help couples with pornography addiction.
  12. Women are not meant to be martyrs, but instead to discover what God wants.  James’ wife was angry, but realized he was a broken man and her heart shifted.
  13. Since the walk with the Lord and his wife, James has become healthy and the real James Craft.
  14. If James relapsed he would have to sleep on the couch.  He had to do a polygraph test to become completely exposed.  James knew that this was what he needed to beat the addiction.
  15. James wrote a letter of full disclosure to the church.  The church stayed very connected to their process.  James repented to the leaders of his church and it was humbling and healing.
  16. James disclosed everything to his daughters and has been repenting since then and now has a wonderful relationship with his children.
  17. James compartmentalized his affair completely so that it had nothing to do with love.  He continually wanted to get out of his life and that’s why they ran to Hawaii, but you can never outrun your sin.
  18. They both spent 4-6 hours in their recovery program and it was a very safe place to grow together.  They sold everything to do the program and lived in a smaller house to be closer.  It was a commitment to healing. They did not want to fall back into old routines.
  19. James and his wife wrote a book to tell their story and to help others that are addicted to porn.  In it they talk about isolation
  20. The brain on porn is much more damaged than even a brain on heroin.
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By Bernard Faulhammer - 1 January 2017 Reply

That’s a wonderful story of hope and healing. Thank you

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