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#61 WOW – Drunk, Abusive, Angry, Adulterer becomes a Christian Counselor – Terry LaDow

Terry LaDow was a person who admittedly behaved horribly as a younger man.   He was an angry drunk who was both physically and emotionally abusive to his girlfriends and then first wife.  Although this behavior was learned at a young age through growing up in a violent and loveless home, Terry was able to find God at age 31 and slowly change his life.  This is his testimony.

“You are the light of the world. A town built on a hill cannot be hidden.” – Matthew 5:14

  1. Dark Time – Terry grew up in an alcoholic and violent home and started drinking at age 8.  He realized quickly that drinking gave him acceptance and a sense of self-worth that he sorely needed.  His mom never said anything kind to Terry and his dad was physically abusive.
  2. In his early 20’s Terry moved to Los Angeles to get away from his family, unfortunately he brought the bad behavior of abuse with him.
  3. Terry easily found relationships with women whom he could abuse and them charm to keep them from leaving.  He abused alcohol and emotionally and physically abused his ladies.
  4. In business Terry would cheat to get ahead.
  5. Terry married his first wife and began cheating 6 months later.  He once threw her down the stairs and dragged her by her hair into the pool.  They stayed married for 7 years.
  6. When his dad got sick Terry brought his bible to the hospital to speak with him about God and for the first time he did.  His mom of course thought it was ridiculous, but his father passed away knowing the Lord.
  7. Terry remarried and has stayed married through good times and bad for 36 years.  They spent a lot of time redefining their relationship.
  8. When his mom was dying Terry went to her home with his sister and niece and prayed by her bedside.  The next morning she awoke and was lucid for the first time since he arrived.  That told her of God and she said it was time to pay attention.
  9. A-ha moment – Oct 23rd 25 years ago Terry met a man Named Jack Clark who told him he was an alcoholic.  That day Terry went home, looked in the mirror and asked God what was happening?
  10. AA says “You can only control the next decision you make.” This allows God to have the space to work.
  11. Recommended Book “Furious Longing of God” Brennan Manning
  12. cell: 714-731-6617  email:

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