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#64 Near Death Experience and Abusive Childhood Created A Strong Man of Christ – Joel Bogges

    1. Suffering from a near death experience and being a child victim of drug addicted abusive behavior formed Joel Bogges belief structure.  After a moment of fear and inspiration, he revisited his faith and became a true follower of Christ. Now as a podcaster with his own show called “Relaunch” Joel speaks loudly about his Christianity and how it is possible to be more, earn more and contribute more.“For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the Lord, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future” Jeremiah 29:11
      1. Biggest Weakness – Struggles in the way he sees opportunities.  He looks for trusted partners to fill in the gap
      2. Biggest Strength – Joel loves to lead people to Clarity and Confidence which equals Direction.
      3. Dark Time – Joel’s parents divorced and lived with his mom, but spent time with his dad.  On a camping trip at 5 years old went onto a bridge and didn’t know that a train was heading right at them.  Joel fell off the bridge 30 feet down and lost so much blood.  Somehow he was saved by the crew that were able to find them and took him to a hospital.  Joel fell in a coma until he was 6 years old.  When he finally went back to his mom’s she invited an abusive man with drug issues into their home while his dad was dealing with his own drug addiction.
      4. At 46 years old Joel still has trouble processing the tragedies of his childhood.  He goes with God and through God.
      5. Joel believes that someone was always praying during Joel’s childhood and that is what got him through.
      6. His grandparents tried to take him to church when he was young, but his parents never did.
      7. Joel revisited his faith when as a young man, he had a sexual health scare with his girlfriend.
      8. He was baptized and then brought his dad to join him at church.  His father said “Joel, you changed my life.”
      9. Joel resets himself with his faith and sees it as a continuous effort.
      10. At one point, Joel asked God how he could get closer to him and heard God say “you must get married.”  He said a prayer and went to a singles dance at his church and met his wife who was a guest there.  After 10 months, they were married.
      11. His wife was not a Christian, but while they were dating, her heart was softened to the possibility of Christ.  At church without Joel, she gave her life to Christ.
      12. You can’t hear God’s voice if you’re not doing what he tells you to do.
      13. Advice – Tough times don’t last, but tough people do.
      14. Recommended Book “Dialogue with God” – Mark & Patti Vikler
      15. Joel’s podcast is called “Relaunch” and is a show for people that want to be more, earn more and contribute more and are on a search for new ideas.



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