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Pornography, A Tool of Evil

A recent guest reminded me of a growing concern I’ve had in my heart and I was moved to sit down and express what I think is at the root of it.  The man I’m speaking of is ex Pastor James Craft and the warning was concerning the power and true nature of pornography.   Now, I’m no fool.  I never considered Pastors to be infallible or untouched by the temptations of other men, but I was surprised to hear such a man give in to a darkness like pornography and infidelity.  During the show James revealed his weakness to porn and his subsequent affair that led to the loss of his ministry.   Amazingly, threw a lot of work and Christian counseling, James has regained the trust of his wife, but the darkness almost destroyed everything that was ever important to him.

When I asked the question that had been gnawing at me for many months, the answer I received surprised me.  “Why do you Brain-on-porn1believe pornography is so addictive?”  “Pornography,” James announced “is more addictive than Heroine” and he had the brain scans to prove it.   Moreover, he understood that pornography was a temptation from the greatest evil.  A gift for the weak-minded and for the righteous men who were lured into believing they could handle it and not let it get out of control.  That was the moment a lightbulb went on for me.  Pornography is a gateway drug that opens the door for even greater sin.

The devil is nothing if not clever in his methods.  We must be diligent in our practice of avoiding things like pornography.   The temptation is so real and so dangerous and yet it’s disguised as average behavior in our society and therefore, perfectly reasonable for us to indulge.  As I listened to James speak, it became clear to me that the danger as in all addictions is in the perception of reality.  We begin to have unrealistic expectations of the women we love.  This creates a hole in us which needs to be filled, distance and resentment because our wives can not live up to what we think we need and the excuse to go seek it elsewhere.

Yes the temptation is insidiously evil and I have learned is something that must be avoided at all cost.  Please join me in this pledge to leave this vice to the devil and spread the word of his deceit to other Christian men.  Together we are a powerful force.

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