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#63 Tragic Accident and Death Changes A Christian Man’s Life – Aaron Walker

    1. Life changes when tragedy happens.  Aaron Walker was living a successful life when in 2001 he struck a pedestrian with his car killing him.  There were many lessons that Aaron keeps close to him from this event, most important is that he never forgets that his life could end at any moment.  Now as a Christian life and business coach Aaron says “Work like it depends on you and trust like it depends on the Lord.”“Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters” – Colossians 3:23
      1. Biggest Weakness – Not very compassionate confirmed by his wife.  Aaron does not know how to show his compassion.
      2. Biggest Strength – Discernment in business and with his family and friends.
      3. Aaron has been a Christ follower since 9 years old and tries to live in obedience with the Lord.
      4. Even as a successful businessman he starts his day through prayer and scripture.
      5. Aaron takes his coaching very seriously and prays every day for each client.
      6. Started early in business at 18 and sold his business at 27.  Started another business and then in 2001 hit a pedestrian who didn’t live.
      7. Aaron was arrogant and thought he was invincible until the accident.
      8. Aaron took about a 5 year break to learn how to change his life.
      9. He retired at 50 and has been in a mastermind group with Dave Ramsey and was told to start coaching.
      10. Aaron resisted the idea of coaching, but eventually started coaching and setting up mastermind groups online.
      11. It is a Christian based business, but you don’t need to follow Christ to receive his coaching.
      12. Aaron never forgets that his life could be taken at any moment just like the man that he hit.  He never gets over it, but God helps him live with it.
      13. Because Aaron came from a very humble beginning he was very driven to succeed financially.
      14. Aaron does not believe in luck, but instead that success comes from where preparation meets opportunity.  Work like it depends on you and trust like it depends on the Lord.
      15. Money is important, but it can’t be the only reason you’re doing what you’re doing.  He believes relationships are more important.  It takes practice to fully engage in your relationships.
      16. We should honor our families more than anyone else, but the problem is that we don’t.  Families understand what’s important to you based on your actions.
      17. When we help people who can’t possibly repay us, we become truly generous.  Be significant with random acts of kindness.
      18. for a free gift.




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