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#73 Fatherhood – Pastor Harry Robinson

      1. What does it take to be a God’s Man of Influence?  Today Pastor Counselor Harry Robinson talks about one aspect which is what it takes to be a good father.  First advice, read “How To Raise A Modern Day Knight.”
        1. Father’s have a massive influence on their kids.  “Raising A Modern Day Knight” recommends specific rights of passage for fathers to do with their children.
        2. Teach your sons at an early age how to love their mother by words and by example.
        3. Harry’s father demonstrated to him what a real man does and looking back he is very grateful.
        4. Rights of passage are to create landmarks to tell your son that he has reached a new level in manhood.
        5. Everybody has a definition of what a man should be.  A man takes responsibility and rejects the passivity to accept a greater reward.  A man leads courageously.  A father must be demonstrating these things at all times.
        6. Harry created a necklace for his son with beads that he could earn.  You speak into their life the recognition of their efforts with the beads.
        7. Creating a “Coat of Arms” for your family creates a sense of belonging for you kids.  It also reminds them of what the family believes.   If they don’t belong to your family, they will find a place to belong.
        8. At 10 years old Harry goes away for the weekend and they get a chest of letters from their uncles which tell them how to be a man.
        9. At 13 Harry brought in a theme of learning to fight your own battles.
        10. The process can work with girls as well as boys.
        11. At 18 they rent out a place and all the friends come together to speak about his son.  He gives them each a sword that is engraved with a theme.
        12. Harry’s sons look back now and are amazed at what was put into making them a man.

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