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#75 Left To Die As A Baby and Saved by the Lord Part 2 – Mauricio Rodriguez

      1. Forgiveness is the key to freedom.  God wants us to look at all people through his eyes and at that moment you can forgive anything.  Mauricio Rodriguez was thrown down a hole in an out house in Nicaragua and left to die by his biological mother.  God saved him and is now bringing him back to Nicaragua at age 31 to spread his words and help young women to be better mothers.  That is the power of forgiveness.“But I have raised you up for this very purpose, that I might show you my power and that my name might be proclaimed in all the earth”  Exodus 9:16
        1. Mauricio works full time on the Tree of Life 84.  His work for the foundation requires Mauricio to be in Nicaragua in the town of Esteli, when meetings are called.
        2. Biggest Weakness – Asking for Help.  Mauricio wants to be available for everyone, but can’t ask when he is having a problem.
        3. Biggest Strength – Compassion.  When he sees others suffering, Mauricio’s heart breaks and he must be with them.  He’s asked the Lord to always help him to hold on to that compassion.
        4. Dark Time – At age of 15 Mauricio discovered he was the result of Fornication and adultery.  He was the last of 25 children his father had with different women.  His mother threw him as a baby into an outhouse hole and threw rocks down on top of him.  Amazingly boys playing heard a baby screaming and their mother and a man with a rope went down into the hole and pulled him up.  His body was purple and he was raced to a hospital an hour and a half away.  Nobody knows why there was no broken bones or brain damage.  It was a miracle.
        5. The story spread and his aunt on his dad’s side, came down to claim him, but he was going to have to be sent to an orphanage.  That was the beginning of the fight to raise him.
        6. Mauricio has met 10 of his brother and sister.
        7. The authorities kept fighting Mauricio’s aunt, but she was determined and after a year of fighting, and the community getting involved she was allowed to adopt him.  She was an extremely poor single mom, but had a strong relationship with God and taught that to Mauricio.
        8. Mauricio’s grandfather had a similar story to his father and had sired 31 children with different women.
        9. Mauricio came to the US at age 4 and his family dynamic is very difficult because he was told to call his father his dad, but there was no affection between them or attentiveness from his dad.  Even when his dad promised to come and spend a day with him at 7 years old, he never showed.
        10. At 15 Mauricio was told by his adopted mom about the abandonment.
        11. He was thinking what’s wrong with him and asked God are you real?  How could his past be God’s plan?  This was the opportunity for the enemy to come in.  Mauricio began getting angry and though he would’ve been better off dying in the hole.  He cried himself to sleep at night for 4 years.
        12. His adoptive mother said the only thing that could heal Mauricio is God.  She believed God was the only counselor that had the power.  Mauricio never hated his adoptive mother, she was his hero.
        13. At 15 after some time he decided he wanted to meet his biological mom.  At the house was his biological grandmother, so he waited for his mom.  The Lord had given him specific instructions.  When she got there she hugged him and called him her son.  Mauricio said, “I forgive you and God loves you.”  There were no tears, just smiles from his biological mom.  Mauricio didn’t get what he thought he should get and his anger with God became clear.
        14. During this time in high school, he had a social group, but never really let them into his life.
        15. God had to take Mauricio out of Nicaragua, to bring him back and do his work.  It helped him realize that he didn’t want to have hate in his life, he wanted forgiveness.  He began searching for the answers to why he was here.
        16. Mauricio at 19 began working for Foursquare Church, but had so much hate for his dad that he wished he was dead.
        17. His grandmother got ill and his father showed up at the hospital.  The Lord said to talk to him, but Mauricio didn’t want to.  He didn’t want to see him through God’s eyes, because he didn’t want to forgive him.  The first words out of his mouth was “Forgive me for hating you.”  Again he didn’t get the response that he wanted.
        18. Forgiveness is a daily choice and it’s not about them, it’s about Mauricio being free.  They have not been able to accept the forgiveness.
        19. Repentance and Remorse are very different.  Repentance, creates the opportunity to ask and be forgiven, remorse is guilt.
        20. Psalms 40:2 He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand.  This was the inspiration for Mauricio’s foundation The Tree of Life 84.
        21. The Tree of Life 84 gives young women the knowledge of the Lord and fundamental tools to be loving mothers.
        22. and donate to help Mauricio buy the land in Nicaragua to set up the foundation there.
        23. Advice – Be inspired to know that God can turn all evil into something good


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