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#76 God Took A Gun from A Man’s Mouth and Brings Back A Man’s Family To Save Him From His Diagnoses of MS – Brian Croom

      1. Brian Croom was addicted to drugs and alcohol in high school and women in his 20’s.  He was an adulterer and lost his job and his family.  With a gun in his mouth he heard God’s Voice and was saved.   Now diagnosed with MS, Brian has his family back, a job and is incredibly grateful of God’s Mercy.  This is his moving testimony.“Trust in the Lord forever,for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.” – Isaiah 26:4
        1. Biggest Weakness – Having a hard time praying for his spouse and he’s not sure why.
        2. Biggest Strength – Transparency in his relationship with God.  It’s a great way to help a lot of people.
        3. Dark Time – Was in rehab while in high school for drugs and alcohol.  Then in his 20’s he became addicted to what women could do for him.  That caused him to be adulterous.  When he lost his job the affairs become public.  At the time Brian was not Christian, but his wife was a church-goer.   His wife left him and took his 2 youngest girls.  He had a gun in his mouth that morning, but he heard the words in his head, “that’s not the way my son.”  He knew God had found him.
        4. Brian went with his friends to church and cried throughout the service.  He took communion that day.
        5. Brian lost his home and his cars.
        6. On his 40th birthday on May 18th, Brian was baptized.
        7. On July 12th Brian woke up and had lost all feeling in his legs.  He went to the emergency and then a few days later a neurologist.  His fees were paid by a member of the church because he had no insurance.
        8. Brian had been pursuing his wife to get his marriage back and she was with him when he got the call for the MRI results.  Brian was diagnosed with MS.  Brian laughed and said, “my God is going to heal me.”  That was the moment that his wife decided to come back to him.
        9. God knew Brian wouldn’t make it on his own and brought Brian to church many, many times during his time without his wife and that continues today.
        10. Brian confessed to his children what he had done during the separation with his wife.  He’s blessed that they are back and knows we as men are responsible for our legacy with our children.  His kids are excited to go to church.
        11. Share this testimony with your friends.  You never know what they’re going through.


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