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#77 Love Thy Neighbor Even When He (your dad) Doesn’t Deserve It – Caleb Vaden

      1. The Devil loves it when we doubt ourselves, but the truth is that God loves us no matter what.  If we remember our faith and put our lives in God’s hands, the we have nothing to fear and no reason to doubt.  In this episode Caleb Vaden talks about God, Family and the military.“Because I feel that it is as real as it gets, and it is exactly what Jesus wanted us to retain” – Mark 12: 30-32,
        1. Biggest Weakness –  Self judgement and doubt plague Brian.
        2. Biggest Strength – Faith in God.
        3. Caleb was saved when he was 9 years old, and it was a “light bulb” moment when he realized the sinner he was.  His hatred for his dad kept him from embracing the Lord.
        4. At the time,  there was a baptist church that Caleb had been going to that had an evangelical preacher visit.
        5. Dark Time – I found out some horrible news about my dad and some heinous crimes.  Caleb was then deployed overseas and his marriage was coming undone.  He began allowing hatred to ruin his life.
        6. After the revelation where God showed Caleb forgiveness through Mark 12: 30-32, he started to see that his anger, hatred and even malice was causing him to sin and miss out on God’s many blessings!  It has helped him witness by allowing him to really understand someone’s pain along their journey.
        7. Advice –  Read Job, and then hold on to God’s promises.
        8. GMOI – We are called to lead our families, communities, nation by God’s example.  Caleb tells people to let that sink in, really sink in and then look at circumstances through God’s lenses of love.
        9. Recommended Books – Raising A Modern Day Knight, Wild at Heart, Killing Lions, and Quiet Strength.


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