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#78 Pornography Always Leads to Greater Sin – James M

        1. Pornography is not a victimless crime and led James M down the path to divorce and even greater sin.  In his testimony James talks about the difference between going to church and taking the time to know God in your day to day life.“Finally, be strong in the Lord and in his mighty power.” – Ephesians 6:10
          1. Biggest Weakness – Apathy.  James gets too caught up in daily life and forgets to give time to talk with God.
          2. Biggest Strength – Being a good father and husband.  God has called him to have unconditional love for his family and to be a spiritual leader.
          3. Dark Time – Addicted to pornography in the late 90’s while he was in the military.  He started objectifying women and James believes it is a disease and not a victimless crime.  It changed the way he looked at his wife and led to divorce.  The sickness continued until 2005 when James found God.
          4. Christian music helped him to discover the Word and the message behind it.
          5. The lightbulb went off when James was doing things he was not proud of and realized this was not who he was called to be.  He asked God one night “why am I doing what I’m doing? Why am I sinning?”
          6. The next service he went to at church was about pornography.
          7. James was baptized in 2005.
          8. James grew up Catholic and always believed that family and church go hand in hand.
          9. Having a God centered marriage is the best chance of having a lasting marriage.
          10. James is remarried and allows God to guide he and his wife through the ins and outs of their life.
          11. Advice – Look to God first in all things.
          12. Recommended Book – “Happily Ever Laughter” by Ken Davis


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