Category : Divorce/Marriage

#69 Recovering A Marriage From Pornography Addiction and Infidelity – James & Teri Craft

James Craft used pornography to cope with his childhood pain.  He and Teri married young and became very visible Christian Pastors.  James’ pornography addiction led him to an affair and Teri to a very difficult decision.  In this episode Teri talks about how her journey with God helped her decide

#65 Special Forces Hero Becomes A Christian – Larry Broughton

God is a firm, but loving parent says special forces hero Larry Broughton.  This is a guiding principle for Larry as he leads his very successful Real Estate business.  Things were not always so clear for Larry.  In this episode, he talks about how he overcame sexual trauma and molestation

#51 Surrender vs. Struggle, Host Dino Katsiametis Gives His Testimony

Struggle was a big part of host Dino Katsiametis’ life until he surrendered to Jesus Christ.  Dino struggled through infidelity, divorce, financial ruin and a party lifestyle.  Through Christian teaching and men’s group Dino found stability and created the God’s Men of Influence ministry.  Prayer and scripture now lead his

#50 Divorce, Financial Ruin and the Struggle For Faith – Mike Parker

After his second divorce, Mike Parker was broke and without hope.  He didn’t have enough money to provide Christmas for his boys and he spent all his time on the road trying to spend time with his daughter.  Friends and faith were the things that Mike needed to hold onto. “Consider