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Colossians 3:23

Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters”

Collosians 323(As with all verses and proverbs we must do our best to interpret what God wants through the filter of our humanity.  I say this because I can only say what his words mean to me, but I encourage everyone to take what inspiration you can from this and then interpret for yourself what you believe to be it’s true meaning.)

Desire is a confusing thing.  God gave us the ability to desire many things, but it is our free will that dictates as a human being, where we will put our intention.  I desire love and I desire to help others, but I also sometimes desire things like material possessions and sex.  All can be in alignment with God’s will depending on context.  Is there such excess in your desire for sex that you stray from your marriage?  Well, clearly that’s against God’s will, but what about the more subtle infractions?  How are we to always know?

The truth is that we can’t always know what God wants from us, unless our intention is on our Lord at all times.  Our society is set up to reward greed, wealth and hedonism to such an extent that even men of God can be influenced.  We are beset on all sides by desires that are not our own, but are fed to us through glutinous tools such as commercialism.  Let’s face it, sometimes we want what the other guy has…or even more.  How many times have you watched a Bentley drive by and think to yourself that your Hyundai wasn’t good enough?  Why?  Because it’s not as cool and doesn’t make you look or feel as good as the Bentley would…but that’s all ego.  God has provided for you transportation for work and for your family, what more do we really need?  I suggest that to feel good about yourself, all you really need to remember is that you’re one of God’s children and he love’s you.

Now this is not to say that we shouldn’t have desires and strive for success, but I do think that  rather than hating ourselves because we don’t make as much money as our neighbor, we should attach our self-worth to how we treat others and how close we feel to God.

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