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What Is God’s Men of Influence

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That is a very good question; one that I’ve been thinking about for a long time.  The truth is that the concept I believe, was divinely inspired.  Let me explain.  There was a point; and I’m not sure exactly when it was, that I looked at my friends and colleagues and understood that God had surrounded me with smart, successful, Christian men.  Men who were there for me at the lowest time of my life.  These were men of consequence and integrity, who truly understood what I was going through when my business collapsed and my divorce was imminent.  They were a fantastic sounding board as I struggled to find the path that God now wanted me to walk.

I was confused, unhappy and did not at all feel like me.  After suffering what felt like an eternity, I was forced to look inward and realized that I had not been honoring God at all, even though he was trying to show me the way.  I was blaming him for my troubles, instead of taking responsibility for my part in it.  The answer was not to lose faith, but to open my heart to our Lord…to surrender to his will totally.  Men should stand up and be leaders for the family and their community.  I began getting up early in order to have the time to study my bible before going into work.  I took notes, underlined passages and considered deeply what God’s Love meant to me…and things began to get better.  I joined a christian men’s group to gather support from my community. Beyond all reason I was able to find love and a beautiful wife to cherish…things again got better.  My business launched into a new realm of success as I continued to surrender even further to our Lord.  So the question became, not why was God punishing me, but why had I lost faith at all and how would I honor what God had given me.

The inspiration that came filled me with such joy that it’s hard for me to express in words…at least my own.  The words of my favorite proverb rang in my head “As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another.” – Proverbs 27:17 Iron does not sharpen with a caress but with a clash. The struggle strengthens.  What if there were a community of men; much like the Christian men I had been surrounded by all this time, that had a platform that could reach literally the world?  What would that be like?  I knew one thing, the power of a man who’s surrendered to God was tenfold that of other men…and a community of these men of God, could influence and change everything.

Now, I had already had a few years years of experience hosting a successful radio talk show, so I decided that would be the platform we would use.  With the right message of faith, hope and love delivered through our show, these powerful men could positively inspire other men, women and children to walk the path God had set for them and create a better world.

This is why I believe God’s Men of Influence was divinely inspired.  Join our community and help us on our mission.  At God’s Men of Influence, men can learn to be better husbands, better fathers, better friends and a better example of God’s strength.

Be blessed, Be joyous and Be welcome at God’s Men of Influence.

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