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Drugs, Alcohol, Addiction and God’s Intervention

divine interventionRecently, I heard a particularly moving story of struggle, loss and redemption from a guest on God’s Men of Influence named Derek Graham.  Derek is the co-owner of The Twelve, a thriving nutrition and fitness business in Orange County, CA.  He’s also a devout man of God, but that wasn’t always the case.  Like so many of us, Derek was raised Catholic and new God, but never had a relationship with him.  Personally, I’ve found that not being in a true relationship with the Lord, leaves us extremely vulnerable to our circumstances.  Temptation is allowed to creep in and we are more likely to stray from the word and our true path is forsaken.

Derek, admittedly had all the trappings a young man could with a career to match.  He spent his nights making a lot of money as a DJ, surrounded by drugs, alcohol and women.  The party lifestyle quickly took hold and he indulged in all of it.  The first sign that Derek had a real problem was when he woke up in the emergency room having overdosed.  Now that’s a very scary moment, but he was surrounded by friends and family who loved him and were willing to help.

At this point I must recommend that you listen to the show, because the most compelling part of Derek’s story is that he went back to his life without God and proceeded to continue the behavior that led him right down the path to a second overdose.  This time when he awoke in the hospital he was completely and utterly alone.  Somehow, he had managed to alienate himself from those who loved him most.  He had hit rock-bottom and it was then;finally, that he began to pray…and he never stopped.

Through prayer and faith he came to the idea that to beat a negative addiction, he would have to replace it with a positive one. Fitness and prayer were his new addictions and they have led him to be reborn with a new life that he loves.  Today he changes 1000’s of lives with his nutrition/ fitness education and products.  He has become a God’s Man of Influence.

What this story; and many other stories like it, prove to me is that though behavioral science and medication can assist in the process of recovery, they are not the most powerful weapons.  Medical doctor’s are missing a weapon of immense power… and that’s God.  God never stops loving us even when we’re our worst version of ourselves.  He stands patiently watching over us until we come back to him and ask for help and forgiveness, which he grants unconditionally.

Anything can be achieved through faith in God.  His love for us is infinite and his grace undeniable to those who are willing to have a relationship with the Lord.  This is why I love hosting this show, because I get to be exposed to these amazing men of God and bring their stories to you.

Be blessed, Be joyous and Be welcome at God’s Men of Influence.

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