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Infidelity and the Demise of Manhood

PrayerToday I was listening to the radio and heard a commercial that completely disgusted me.  I’ve heard it before and it always bothered me, but for some reason I feel particularly offended right now.  The fact is that there’s a company profiting by helping…no not just helping, but promoting infidelity.  They’re actively participating in helping people cheat and deceive their spouses.    Marriage can be difficult enough and it upsets me that as a society, we allow this to happen.

Unfortunately, divorce is rampant and has been for a while, so let’s take a look at it.  The 2 major causes of divorce are money and infidelity, so; although they do a good job of helping it along, it’s not like this company has caused the problem of infidelity. So why do people cheat?

I really can’t claim to know, other than to say that I think people are spending too much time focusing on the wrong things. Money problems can always improve and your spouse and the integrity of your marriage are always more important than the temptations of the flesh.  As men of Christ we must believe that temptation is around us so that we have the opportunity to prove our worthiness.  Therefore, we must focus our attention on our families, friends and our Lord so that temptation can not gain a foothold on our thoughts.

We understand that it’s not ok to kill or steal, so most of us don’t and the ones who do, are imprisoned.  Why is the commandment of “Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery” so easy for us to disobey when it can do such harm to those we love?

Someone I cared for very deeply said the following and the phrase has stuck with me “I never put myself in a situation where I could get myself into trouble.”  This is the most useful thing I think I’ve ever heard because he was saying essentially, I don’t ever allow temptation to get a foothold… it never gets a chance.

Temptation will always be there, but if we focus on the things that matter, family, friends and our Lord, then it will never gain that foothold.  Infidelity will no longer be the demise of manhood.

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