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Marriage Is A Blessing

MarriageI was told once long ago that if you’re not growing together, you’re growing apart.  Since then, that advice has rattled around in the back of my mind and always seems to pop up just when I need it the most.  When I consider my marriage I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  The Lord has blessed me so much in my life, but no blessing is greater than my wife Lindsey and my children.  We have a wonderful relationship, filled with love, fun and teamwork.  Of course, we’re not perfect and therefore we fight.  It’s at these times that I remember that phrase “if you’re not growing together, you’re growing apart.”

Arguments are a part of marriage; there’s just no getting around it, from time to time you will disagree and a few of those times it will get pretty heated.  The trick is to remember how much you love your spouse and that no matter what you both ultimately decide, his or her opinion is just as valid as yours.  After all, I’d appreciate it if she would understand where I was coming from, it’s only fair that I do the same.  An example is when I begin to get consumed with work.  It’s easy for me to justify staying later and later at the office, because I’m trying so hard to provide for my family; why can’t she see that?  On the other hand, she’s exhausted from taking care of our family all day long, misses me and would like some help at night.  How can that upset me…after a really deep breath and a very needed change of perspective?  So a compromise is reached. A compromise; that by the way, benefits me anyway because honestly, I’d rather spend more time with my family anyway.

Now if reason truly escapes me and I get stuck in my own stubborn righteousness, I ask God for guidance.  Inspiration comes quickly then.  When I think about my marriage as a true blessing, I realize that to do anything other than compromise and make it work, would be to be ungrateful of the Lords gift.  Once that becomes clear, I am unburdened of my frustration and gratitude and joy fill me once again.  I love my wife and I love my marriage and with God’s help I am convinced it will stand the test of time.

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