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Something Happened At Starbucks

starbucksSomething happened at Starbuck’s the other day that I just had to share.  After grabbing my surprisingly strong coffee, I did something out of character for me and decided to sit down.  A few minutes went by before a young guy in a suit too big to be his, sat down next to me looking pretty depressed.  For whatever reason I had to ask what was wrong.  (not exactly normal for me to stick my nose into a stranger’s business)   His answer made me laugh, he said “I’m so sick of sales”.

“Really,” I replied.  “What’re you selling?”

“Ad space for a magazine…and no one’s buying.”

“OK” I said “pitch me.”  God knows what I was thinking, this was going to make me really late for a meeting, but I really wanted to help.  My new young friend smiled and went into his pitch and proceeded to completely turn me off from ever thinking about advertising in his magazine.  When he was through, I simply asked “How does all that apply to my business?”  He was about to start talking so I stopped him and followed up with “Do you have any idea what my business is?”  He looked at me very awkwardly and I knew I had made my point.

“You would not be buying from me would you?” he asked, already knowing the answer.

“No I would not,” I replied.

Then he said, “I’m sorry what do you do?”

I laughed and told him I was a mortgage broker and a radio host.  This got his attention and he asked about my radio show.  I told him about my first show Money Matters With Dino which was a financial show.  I said I wanted to help people get educated about business and finance.  Then I told him about God’s Men of Influence and said I wanted to help men become better men through their relationship with God.

Then he said something that really surprised me and let me know that I was getting through to him.  “So you’re just trying to help people.”

“Yes, I am…and I think people are willing to listen because they know it’s real.  I wake up blessed every day and get to talk about my experiences and faith and hear stories from other men who have transformed their life through God.”   Then I told him if he was willing to look at sales through the desire to truly help people and get to know them so that he could solve their problems, the rest would take care of itself.

We talked a while longer and I told him more of my story and he left saying he was excited about listening to the show and said smiling that he never thought that God could help him with sales.

I didn’t get the sense that he was terribly religious at the beginning of our conversation, but I think he’s very open to the Word now and that made me feel incredible.  The Lord really does work in mysterious ways.

Be blessed, Be joyous and Be welcome at God’s Men of Influence.

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