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#14 Phil Shipman – Depression and a risky missionary trip to Cuba led to re-evaluating Phil’s understanding of Christ.

Verse: “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth” – Genesis 1:1

  1. Biggest Weakness: The Flesh – Pride, arrogance, anything that is not what the Lord wants. “Be in consistent prayer or you operate in the flesh rather than operate in the spirit”
  2. Biggest Strength: I’ve learned that it’s not about me.
  3. Dark Time: Battled Depression in High School. Thought God was just a series of rules (commandments). Was on the baseball team freshman year of college when his mom left his dad. Realized how fragile he was and how much he needed to lean on God. Could no longer afford college and felt the rug was pulled out from under him. The enemy was at work making him question everything he did.
  4. A-Ha moment – On a mission trip to Cuba was newly married and couldn’t talk to his wife for 10 days. Saw many miracles happening and recorded them so that the Word could be spread. He had to bring the recordings across the border with a penalty of 30 years or execution if caught. He had to completely surrender to the Lord.
  5. Currently travels the world encouraging ministries. Amazed that people will risk their lives to hear what you have to share.
  6. Also, works with orphans and widows to help them get education.
  7. Created App for ministries.
  8. Church: North Hills Church in Brea
  9. Baptized at 12 in backyard pool.
  10. Best Advice: Don’t Go To Bed Angry.
  11. Feels the Bible is new every time you open it.
  12. Believes Tithing is a disingenuous term.

Recommended Book: The Divine Conspiracy – Dallas Willard

Favorite Charity: Iris Ministries – work with orphans

Contact: Phil Shipman (714) 875-7399

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